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Safe Anaesthesia

Safe Anaesthesia

We understand your concerns about anaesthesia and the risks that can be associated with it. Good veterinary practice, a skilled team, safe modern innovative drugs and monitoring equipment at Vet Central Animal Hospital goes a long way to keep your pet safe and secure during surgery. We realise the concerns of pet owners and we know that “anaesthesia is NOT a one size fits all type of procedure.”

To ensure safety  to the patient and peace of mind to owners and the veterinary team, the vets at Vet Central Animal Hospital will assess each pets heath status, age, weight and other underling health issues be it Diabetes,  Heart disease, Thyroid illness and other factors  to find the RIGHT mix that is safe for your pet. To us age is not a disease and each pet is considered on its own merit to warrant surgery.

Pre- anaesthetic blood tests are recommended to identify any hidden or sub – clinical health issues.Warm beddings, calibrated intravenous fluids, pulse, heart and temperature monitors are utilised to watch important trends in vital signs. A highly skilled vet nurse is assigned to each patient to carefully monitor the patient and anaesthesia and 5 minute recordings are entered on the monitoring chart.

Along with the high-tech equipment, our surgical assistants watch all vital signs so that the patient is kept at just the right level of anaesthesia – deep enough to prevent pain, but not deep enough to depress vital functions.

The nurse monitors for any change in trend in the depth of anaesthesia and changes to the heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure. This ensures that the pet is kept at just the right level of anaesthesia and pain management to ensure an uneventful recovery.

Veterinary science now has a range of modern innovative anaesthetic drugs and safe anaesthetic gases that quickly leave the pet’s system once the drug is removed from the breathing circuit. These modern drugs provide ways for veterinarians to wake up your pet more smoothly and get them back home to you sooner.

Vet Central Animal Hospital advocates practising good medicine. Calm handling of patients from induction of anaesthesia to recovery, warm beds and caressed by a friendly nurse on wake up is the Vet Central experience.

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