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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

There’s a possibility that during your pet’s lifetime surgery may be recommended to treat a condition sustained on the soft tissues of the body. These include skin, body cavities, the cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal tract, urogenital and respiratory tracts. Conditions that are life threatening are termed Emergency surgery. Elective surgeries are for procedures of a non-emergency basis.

Emergency surgeries performed at Vet Central Animal Hospital are:

1. Caesarean section
2. Cystotomy, urethrostomy – to remove stones in the urinary system.
3. Wound repair from lacerations and dog attacks.
4. Gastro-intestinal surgery – Foreign body and tumor removals.
5. Bloat surgery –twisting of the stomach in large breed pets.
6. Catheterisation of blocked urinary tracts in cats due to crystal formation.

Routine elective surgeries performed are:

1. Spey’s or desexing
2. Castration

Our rates for spays and castration for dogs and cats include an examination by the veterinarian on admittance, intravenous catheters, pre and post-surgery pain relief, 3 days of anti-inflammatories medication,3 day and 10 day post op checks and a dedicated full time anaesthetic monitoring.

Removal of masses and tumor’s (benign and malignant), mammary, testicular, splenic, Abscess drainages

Aural haematomas
Enucleation of the eye to treat glaucoma or eye proptosis
Cherry eye surgery
Entropion surgery
Ectropion surgery
Eyelid tumour removal
Hernia repairs

Our surgical service is dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pet. Knowing that surgery can be a time of anxiety, we are dedicated to providing a reassuring and compassionate experience for you and your loved one. Your pet will receive the highest quality care from our professional team of veterinarians and highly skilled veterinary nurses. If required, additional tests such as blood work, x-rays, or ultrasound may be performed on the appointment day.

Preparation: Pets are fasted the night before the surgery but free access to water is allowed overnight.

Duration: The length of stay in the hospital following surgery varies, depending on the type of surgery performed. Most elective surgical patients are sent home the same day.

Discharge and rechecks: Your pet will be discharged from the hospital by the veterinarian whom will inform you of the day’s proceedings and findings. You will also be advised of home care instructions and answer any of your concerns. Most surgical patients will be discharged with an Elizabethan collar that must be worn until the skin sutures are removed approximately 10 to 14 days after surgery.

Communication: We understand the anxiety associated with surgery and are committed to keeping you well-informed while your pet is in the hospital.

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