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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

There’s a possibility that during your pet’s lifetime surgery may be recommended to treat a condition sustained on the soft tissues of the body. These include skin, body cavities, the cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal tract, urogenital and respiratory tracts. Conditions that are life threatening are termed Emergency surgery. Elective surgeries are for procedures of a non-emergency basis.

Emergency surgeries performed at Vet Central Animal Hospital are:

1. Caesarean section
2. Cystotomy, urethrostomy – to remove stones in the urinary system.
3. Wound repair from lacerations and dog attacks.
4. Gastro-intestinal surgery – Foreign body and tumor removals.
5. Bloat surgery –twisting of the stomach in large breed pets.
6. Catheterisation of blocked urinary tracts in cats due to crystal formation.

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