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Your pet’s teeth are extremely important in maintaining their health. In order to live a long happy life it is essential their chompers are kept at the optimum condition. We perform dental check-ups, scaling and polishing and extractions, both simple and complicated, to give your pets a sparkling  smile to match their sparkling personalities. 

Dental disease is caused primarily by environmental factors which are preventable. By the age of 3 years most dogs and cats have some form of dental disease due to a poor diet, lack of brushing and oral care which can then progress to periodontal disease. Regular wellness checks are always recommended to assist in the management of periodontal disease.

In Rabbits and Guinea Pigs the main form of dental disease is Malocclusion. This is where the back molars overgrow and trap the tongue. The main causes are a diet lacking in fibre, vitamin deficiencies and some genetic factors can cause the disease.

Clinical Signs
There are some signs which you may notice in your pet such:

Discoloured Teeth
Lack of interest in Food
Breath has a strong odour
Weight loss
No Appetite
Difficulty in swallowing
Dropping Food
Diarrhoea and Constipation

At Vet Central we can assess your pet for dental disease and look at the best treatment plan for your pet. Dental disease has 5 stages with the final stage leading to bacterial infection of the roots which can enter the blood stream and affect the kidney, liver and heart. 

We have a wide variety of treatment options and cater a plan to suit your needs. We help you choose the best nutritional products, treats and also assess if a dental scale and polish is needed for your pet to help them get back on track with their oral health.

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